Daily Dog Walking

This service provides our busy clients with piece of mind. Whether they work all day or are just unable to make it for their pets daily routine, we will be there to walk your dog for one hour, feed them and refresh their water. Group rates and solo rates are available.

Group Rate


Per Hour
  • We offer group walks which gives the opportunity for your pet to socialize with other dogs.
  • The location of the walk will be based on volume of other dogs in the surrounding area; so either a walk around the neighbourhood or a visit to the nearest dog park will ensure they are socialized, exercised and fed.
  • A daily report will be left at drop off with details about your pets time with us.

Solo RateMost Popular


Per Hour
  • The solo walk is for those pets that prefer one on one time with a care giver.
  • A long walk, a full belly and some extra love and care will ensure your pet will be happy until you arrive home.
  • A report will be left at drop off with details about your pets time with us.

Other Services

Pet Visits


Per Half Hour
  • Like walking you dog yourself when you get home?
    We understand!
    This half an hour social visit will enable your pet to be relieved, fed and their water dish refreshed when you can’t quite make it in time.

In House Sitting3 Hour Minimum


Per Hour
  • Does your pet need some extra love and care? Well we have lots to give!
    We offer service at the comfort of your own home.
    We provide extra attention, lots of belly rubs, feed them, refresh their water and let them relieve themselves before we go.
  • 3 Hour minimum and every hour afterwards drops down to $15 per hour

Walk & Visit


Per Service
  • This package is for pet owners that are gone for an extended period of time and need help with their pet all day.
    This includes a morning relief and feed as well as an hour long afternoon walk.
    Administering medication $5*