From Dusk Till Dawg

From Dusk Till Dawg began it’s journey in the pet friendly area of Toronto’s west end. As pet owners working full time hours we understood the stress animals and caregivers would go through when they were not around to make sure their pet was receiving the attention, exercise and love they wanted to give. We decided to matters into our own hands and provide a service to relieve that stress from pet owners and their animals… and so it began!

We understand that your pets are your family, and we make them ours too. We are dog lovers and pride ourselves in the care we give through affection, physical activity and sense of security.


Natalie Di Matteo

Owner and Care Provider


My career path was always nurturing in nature and my care giving practices lead me to devoting myself to the needs of children. This fulfilling career lead me to realize that my passion to help others did not have to be limited to children, I could include my adoration for animals too, so I volunteered at various animal organizations in the community. After years of working in the field of education and counselling services, I decided it was time to change my life and gear my dedication to my other passion…animals.

I have always owned dogs from an early age, including many breeds of various sizes and temperaments. My dog Tucker, a Yorkie – Shih Tzu mix, lights up my days from the moment I wake up to the time we go to sleep! Just being around animals makes me happy with a fulfillment only other pet owners can understand! I am experienced walking a variety of breeds, both large and small and all that’s in between!

I am constantly researching dog breeds; learning temperaments, health concerns and any other factors that make them unique. I pride myself on learning as much as possible about nutrition, safety practices and anything else I can to make sure I serve my clients and their loved ones to the best of my ability.